Monday, January 21, 2013


Here I go again with my second wish list for the January. Everything from my first 'Wish list' went OUT OF STOCK. So I really hope I'll be a little more lucky this time.
I'm traveling to London in February and I'm very excited to visit TopShop again.
I'm so in deep love with TOPSHOP.

Aztec Polo Tunic.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Zara Shirt.
Zara shorts.
Zara tights.
Paris Hilton  shiny blouse.
H&M boots.
Epiphone SG by Gibson guitar.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to school. (outfit) ♡

Hey there lovely readers, this is officially my first post of the 2013 so Happy 2013 guys!
Well today was also the ''BACK TO SCHOOL DAY'' so I was kinda confused about my outfit.
The weather was perfect with the most beautiful bright blue sky and not a single cloud was seen, so I decided to wear something comfy & pretty. Yesterday arrived the last Marks & Spencer's box by mail so , I so had to wear my new flowerly-vintage new jeans & this lovely weird pattern sweater, I had a few doubts about the shoes but Hey , everybody knows UGGs match perfectly with almost everything.
I don't really like to wear accessories at school so NO ACCESSORIES except the bag. I needed only a few notebooks with me so a small backpack was the perfect choice . I mean this leather babe is so adorable. Yeah my favorite bag so far.I braid my hair before going to sleep at night , so in the morning my straight hair turns to  this messy wavy hair.  Here are some random pics.

Vintage jeans MARKS & SPENCER'S. (England)

The leather vintage backpack by Primark. (England)