Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to school. (outfit) ♡

Hey there lovely readers, this is officially my first post of the 2013 so Happy 2013 guys!
Well today was also the ''BACK TO SCHOOL DAY'' so I was kinda confused about my outfit.
The weather was perfect with the most beautiful bright blue sky and not a single cloud was seen, so I decided to wear something comfy & pretty. Yesterday arrived the last Marks & Spencer's box by mail so , I so had to wear my new flowerly-vintage new jeans & this lovely weird pattern sweater, I had a few doubts about the shoes but Hey , everybody knows UGGs match perfectly with almost everything.
I don't really like to wear accessories at school so NO ACCESSORIES except the bag. I needed only a few notebooks with me so a small backpack was the perfect choice . I mean this leather babe is so adorable. Yeah my favorite bag so far.I braid my hair before going to sleep at night , so in the morning my straight hair turns to  this messy wavy hair.  Here are some random pics.

Vintage jeans MARKS & SPENCER'S. (England)

The leather vintage backpack by Primark. (England)

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