Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Photoshoots Turkey. (summer 2013)

Hey guys I'm sharing some of the pictures I took while spending my vacations in Turkey.
The hotel is Titanic Deluxe Belek and it was absolutely amazing :).

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Adventure book!

Before starting a blog on Blogger , I use to work on a photography blog on Tumblr, I still do when I have free time. Photography is one of my passions so I always take my camera (a Nikon D3000) with me every time I'm traveling  , attending any kind of event or even on random days when I just like to go out and take a few pictures.
Anyway this is the blog where I share my stuff, all pictures taken by me.
I've never used photoshop , but this last days I got the Adobe photoshop CS6 package and I'm loving it!

Anyway follow me on tumblr : www.adventure-b-o-o-k.tumblr.com
And instagram: Orchid_b

Friday, September 6, 2013

2 Random casual outfits.

American flag tank : Primark.
High waisted shorts : Marks & Spencer.
Red Vans of the wall.
Panama hat.

Polka dot tank : Promode (Paris).
Shoes: Primark.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rock-Fest once again.

Hey guys ginger head is back with a new post,
The Ultimate Outdoor Rock Music Festival in Tirana was organised once again by Hollywood Academy and took part at the amphitheater. 12 bands formed by young teenagers performed for three hours burning the stage.
It was the 6th time I took part on such event but the first one to play with my new band Hell.Is.A.
We had a nice playlist including songs such as U2-One , Portishead- Sour times , Iggy Pop- The passenger etc.
I guees it went pretty well , and later we went all celebrating @Coffe & Coffe.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stripes are back!

I adore stripe trends so I had to wear my new stripped pants , which I got on my February's trip to England.
Hey guys, here's a picture of this Saturday's outfit :)

Pants: Stripped high waisted jeans , PRIMARK , UK.
T-shirt: Marks & Spencer
Shoes: Creepers by PRIMARK.
Accesories: Fedora Hat by New Look,UK and jewelries by PRIMARK.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Craving for new shoes.

Hello there guys,
Last month I bought four pair of new shoes, but you know what they say ''A woman has never enough shoes to please her''
I have so many pairs, I don't even know where to put my new ones, lately.
Spring is here and I'm craving for new shoes.
As always on a day off, when I have nothing better to do, I was scrolling my favorite brands' webpages (TOPSHOP and ZARA)
I swear, I experienced love at first sight with the new 80's vintage style platforms.
So my wish list of March is mostly about shoes.






Monday, February 25, 2013

A SHOPAHOLIC teenager.

I took advantages on my UK trip to buy a whole new set of clothes , accessories and shoes.
The hardest decision was choosing between hundred of models , designs and colors.
I keep chasing the typical rebellious 80's vintage style and trends as always. *yaay*
Here are some pics of the stuff I bought.

PS. sorry for the bad quality pics but my camera's battery died so I had to use my phone's camera. :(

Hello UK! Bye UK!

Hello lovely followers , been a while since my last post cause I've been moving a lot lately.
I want to mention one of my trips , the England one actually , because it really was beyond amazing.
I don't really make travel plans or "tick" lists before attending a trip I wanted it to be spontaneous as always. I decided to take only a few clothes with me so, I could use the free space on my luggage for the extra shopping. Uhmm well ... I'm such a shopaholic so , the shopping days went beyond my control and I had to buy a new suitcase and fit half of my new stuff there but again I went out of space and had to buy a new backpack , hahah.

This was my third time I visited UK but my very first time to visit a well known worldwide english stylist shop "TED BAKER" , after spending more then 2 hours around the very very small shop I could say I loved every single detail of his clothes even through they weren't really my style. At the end of the day I took a piece of memory from his shop. A lovely grey vintage veist , meanwhile my mom bought a purse , shirt , veist and a dress all in Ted Baker's name.

Besides shopping I attended lots of other activities such as visiting lots of other cities , swimming , skating , ZOO etc etc.

It was snowing in Oxford and it was beyond amazing watching the snow outside while relaxing on Starbucks, I also stopped on a Souvenir Shop and bought the red jacket below.


Malborough city.

NEXT. shopping.

TED BAKER's fitting room.

Oxford city. Snowing.

Healthy ecologic lunch at M&S.


I LOVE BOOKS. snowing in Oxford.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Here I go again with my second wish list for the January. Everything from my first 'Wish list' went OUT OF STOCK. So I really hope I'll be a little more lucky this time.
I'm traveling to London in February and I'm very excited to visit TopShop again.
I'm so in deep love with TOPSHOP.

Aztec Polo Tunic.