Monday, February 25, 2013

Hello UK! Bye UK!

Hello lovely followers , been a while since my last post cause I've been moving a lot lately.
I want to mention one of my trips , the England one actually , because it really was beyond amazing.
I don't really make travel plans or "tick" lists before attending a trip I wanted it to be spontaneous as always. I decided to take only a few clothes with me so, I could use the free space on my luggage for the extra shopping. Uhmm well ... I'm such a shopaholic so , the shopping days went beyond my control and I had to buy a new suitcase and fit half of my new stuff there but again I went out of space and had to buy a new backpack , hahah.

This was my third time I visited UK but my very first time to visit a well known worldwide english stylist shop "TED BAKER" , after spending more then 2 hours around the very very small shop I could say I loved every single detail of his clothes even through they weren't really my style. At the end of the day I took a piece of memory from his shop. A lovely grey vintage veist , meanwhile my mom bought a purse , shirt , veist and a dress all in Ted Baker's name.

Besides shopping I attended lots of other activities such as visiting lots of other cities , swimming , skating , ZOO etc etc.

It was snowing in Oxford and it was beyond amazing watching the snow outside while relaxing on Starbucks, I also stopped on a Souvenir Shop and bought the red jacket below.


Malborough city.

NEXT. shopping.

TED BAKER's fitting room.

Oxford city. Snowing.

Healthy ecologic lunch at M&S.


I LOVE BOOKS. snowing in Oxford.

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