Sunday, November 11, 2012

Acne free review by me.

Do you wake up every morning hoping to have that perfect clean smooth skin ,but acne , black heads and  irritated skin wont let you? I may have found a good solution.

Last year my acne was getting worse day by day and I tried lots of different products & medications like Proactiv (it was good but harsh to the face) , Neutrogena all in one acne control , Zapzyt , Murad gentle acne treatment etc. I wasn't happy with any of them so I gave up on treatments. My aunt who lives in USA delivered me a new product ACNE FREE system .
So ,I decided to make a last effort. I'm so glad I decided to try it , I was more than happy from the very first time I tried it. I saw the improvement since the first week.
Acne Free is amazing.

The system includes:
1.Acne free antibacterial cleansing wash
2.Acne free Corrective tone
3.Acne free maximum strength repair lotion
4.Acne free Retinol complex night formula

You should also try:
5.Acne free Terminator
6.Acne free Sulfur mask

I decided to change my food diet too. I gave up on brown or white chocolate :( and started eating only the black one (which I don't like the flavor at all). For breakfast i used fruit salad (bananas, pineapple , strawberries) , boiled egg , milk (0.1%) or orange juice (healthy food in general) , then average lunch (soup , a tiny piece of fish or meat , salad ) and a tiny dinner + a dessert (black chocolate).

Don't forget to do yoga or go to gym.

Hope this helps. ☺


  1. hello, can I ask you where you bought those products... mund t m flasesh dhe shqip

    btw nice blog!

  2. ptj un e porosita te amazon ne internet , thank you <3

  3. Pasi perdore kremin per heqjen e akneve te ngelen shenja te kuqe ne fytyre... nese po c'perdore per t'i eliminuar?

  4. jo nuk me ngelen shenja , shume shume pak pothuajse fare. Kjo kte te mire ka se te eleminon dhe shenjat :D

  5. Sa kushton I gjithe trajtimi? :)

    1. 25$ e mora un dhe kishte laresin, tonerin dhe 2 kremra hidratues dite dhe nate :)